Our Story

Appleseed Collectibles LLC.

“Men do not quit playing because they grow old; they grow old because they stop playing.” 
― Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

Here at Appleseed Collectibles we are passionate about toys!  They're not just fun to play with but also connect us to the things in life we really love; favorite movies, video games, comic books, cartoons and the list goes on.  Toys also bring back wonderful memories of our childhood and remind us of simpler times.  What was your favorite toy?  Why was it special to you?

At Appleseed Collectibles we specialize in finding rare and hard-to-find toys and making them available to kids of all ages.  Many big box retailers have limited selections and rush to remove the current toys from their shelves to make room for more product. Looking for Harry Potter items or Nightmare Before Christmas? No problem.  Here you will find toys that have been off of store shelves for many years and sometimes many decades and are still in new or collectible condition.

 We buy thousands upon thousands of toys every year so our inventory is always changing. Our rare toys include vintage 60's thru 80's, imports, limited editions, convention exclusives, mail-aways, variants and chase items.  

You can purchase many of our items through amazon or ebay.  Just type appleseed collectibles in your web browser to locate us online.  We also sell directly by using PayPal.  Thanks for visiting our page!